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In the last few decades, we have been tussling with how the media is made and who influences it. Many at times there are underlying narratives insights to stories produced in the media.

These narratives offer a wide range of insights that enlighten viewers on the ever-changing word. This paper seeks to analyze Ted’s most watched videos on You Tube.

The chosen videos are; Eric Whitacre ‘video A virtual choir 2000 voices strong’ and Kevin Kelly’s video “Predicting the next 5000 days of the web

Video: A Virtual Choir 2000 Voices Strong – Analysis and Critique

In ‘Video a Virtual Choir 2000 Voices Strong’ video, Mr. Whitacre describes how he created virtual choir with YouTube as its platform. He broadly explains how he was the man behind this mission.

He got people from around the world send choir for integration to create a beautiful virtual choir. In this choir he made himself the conductor. In Virtual Choir 2000 Voices Strong, a few aspects were insightful.

These aspects include: The choir was not discriminative. Anyone who had the will to participate was very welcomed. The second aspect is that, the choir comprised of people all over the world irrespective of their race, gender, age religion among other factors.

Lastly, to those people who did not get a chance to participate due to time constraints, family constraints, support a collective course were also able to give their voice.

The viewer of this video should be able to understand that we are living in the era of globalization. Therefore, any form of biasness has no place in the modern world.

Whitacre emphasizes that there is need to respect employees without biasness. Although, virtual connection does not apply in the corporate world, companies can use virtual mediums such as You Tube to communicate with their employees. For instance Skype and Cisco can be used for virtual meetings and in turn will help companies save time and money.

Predicting the Next 5000 Days of the Web – Video Critique and analysis

According to Kelly, although the internet is only about 5,000 days old, it is delivering an amazing list of capabilities that no one could have predicted.

These capabilities include the instant access to information such as government forms, sports scores, phone numbers, and real estate among others. To him it is interesting how human beings easily accept the impossible ones they have become a reality.

Kelly continues to predict that in the next 5000 days of the internet, the internet will evolve into a giant computer that can be able to store, manipulate and share the entire world’s information.

All the devices that we use (handhelds, computers, and mobile phones) are used as point that helps us to connect to the outside world. He delivers a convincing model on how computer has evolved. According to him the, the internet has four phases of evolving.

In the first stage, the internet was mainly used to link computers. Computers were networked together in this phase.

Therefore, the users were able to hope from one computer to another since information was distributed across all the computers. In the second step the internet was linked to information pages.

Directories and Googles were created to allow users share, sort, find as well as understand these pages of information. According to Kelly, third phase had three stages where the user was now linked to data instead of the entire website page.

Granules of information such as pictures, tweets or even a blog post were created so that we can assemble, share and distribute other pieces of information.

The last phase of the 5000 days of the internet will be more personal than the others. According to Kelly, wherever we go in the internet, it will know who we are, our backgrounds and our friends.

To him, we won’t have to log in to every part of the web. He argues that, instead of different profiles in different websites, we will have a single global profile that will follow us everywhere.

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