Social Media and Cyberbullying: A Comprehensive Analysis

This article explores Social media’s disadvantages and Impacts of cyberbullying among the youth. The presence of new mediums of communication has enabled the world to interact more rapidly and effectively. Social media is a product of digital communication that uses technology to enhance communication.

The presence of social media today has enabled many people to break geographical barriers as far as communication is concerned.

Social media has introduced different levels of communication that are applicable in formal and social settings. The wake of digital communication has liberated most nations from the agony of waiting for feedback whenever they initiate a form of communication.

The streamlined communication systems are devoted to saving time and allowing the communicators to get more responses in a single interaction.

These responses include time, the status of the messages, among others. Social media includes a wide variety of digital platforms that allow users to communicate through texts, images, and audio-visual material.

By sharing these materials on the websites, users generate feedback and they get responses from their audience. This interaction creates a medium of interaction that is lively and highly responsive.

Companies today use social media to reach out to their consumers and potential consumers as they are aware that social media is the most acceptable means of communication used today.

The world of social media has opened up users to multiple possibilities like jobs, spouses, and other meaningful relationships. This indicates that social media is beneficial to users in multiple ways.

Users need to cultivate discipline when using social media as this creates room for healthy co-existence and tolerance.

Different countries have legal frameworks that work towards the prevention of irresponsible practices among social media users.

These frameworks ensure social order and cultivate lawfulness in physical and online interactions. Many countries are amending their laws to include cybercrimes and unacceptable behaviors that emanate from social media.

Cyberbullying is a negative occurrence of technology that results from the misuse of social media.

Being that the youth are widely conversant with social media for their interactions, they are vulnerable to the negative aspects of social media and the consequences.

There are cases of cyberbullying that occurs today in the form of fraud, harassment, bullying, trolling among others.

These practices make social media a meaningful yet sensitive medium of communication for the youth. The levels of bullying vary across different platforms and this narrows down to moral and social values among users.

Malicious users use social media to spread stereotypical mindsets among users and these results in hatred, disunity, and discrimination.

Apart from elevating social and economic values, social media gives way to new crimes that attack the liberty of other users by threatening their happiness and their safety.

The delight of a society that exercises freedom of expression freely is revealed in its social and ethical values.

Addressing the disadvantages of irresponsible communication habits entails identification of the factors that lead to cyber-bullying.

Social media’s disadvantages and Impacts of cyberbullying among the youth are controllable through policymaking and implementation of moral values.


The background of the study hails from the expansive use of social media for formal and informal conversations today. The trends in global communication have gradually improved to accommodate more social practices and capabilities.

The values of effective communication are unequaled as it enables speedier business growth and enhances different sectors.

Apart from promoting business growth among the users, social media has promoted education through the sharing of learning material for local and international purposes.

Social media’s disadvantages and impacts of cyberbullying among the youth are numerous and they vary from one society to the other (Hinduja & Patchin, 2007).

Addressing the setbacks of social media involves the identification of the moral standards of each society and protecting them ideally.

The history of social media reveals that there is room for improvement as more people are adopting the available resources and implementing them into their lifestyles.

Problem Statement

The presence of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram has provided users with options to choose from as far as communication is concerned.

The readiness to use these platforms in equal measure gives the websites a large market for the product and it enables them to create values that develop their social cultures.

Social media gives the users a privilege to interact with the world and to gather data from people in different locations.

This feature reduces local mentalities that are limited from accepting international standards of development. It is obvious that globalization is an irresistible aspect of life today and social media promotes globalization immensely.

Literature Review on Social Media and Bullying

In his article approximately Cyber Security, Bordoni (2018) suggests that cybersecurity is one element that has to be considered by both businesses and companies of all types.

Although people communicate about this situation while multinational agencies encounter a cyber threat, it is a problem that can have an effect on small companies as nicely and cause an equal impact as it’d to a massive entity.

Bordoni (2018) also gives examples of the fines that companies have incurred after exposing their data to security threats.

Other than fines imposed on companies that allow cyberbullies to threaten users, cybersecurity needs to be one of the major concerns of entities due to their mandate of creating impressive statistics.

For instance, whilst Three Mobile was attacked, the attackers had to get right of entry to approximately 200,000 people’s statistics, which left them liable to many social challenges.

Bordoni also explored the protection of statistics leaks and ransomware protection. Therefore, this paper discusses many different ways via which a business can shield itself from being uncovered to cyber-crime.

By enhancing their presence in the social platforms, the organizations gain recognition from their consumers and this cements brand loyalty.

The art of communication for business or social purposes is delightful as many people get to exchange ideas and learn from each other.

The youth have embraced the concept of social media dynamically and this acceptance has opened up the world to multiple possibilities.

The youth are passionate about instant communication and digital platforms that are available today enable them to derive value in their conversation.

The social relationships that are built and developed through social media are overwhelming as many people today meet and socialize freely through social media.

The youth are persuaded that social media is a relief to their generation as it comes with minimal processes as compared to traditional means of communication. Developing value for social interactions enables users to communicate with respect for each other’s opinions and ideas.

One aspect that the family foregoes is the provision of training and counseling on issues of cybersecurity.

The family anticipates that the youth recognize such problems and they have the ideal troubleshooting skills. Others feel that it’s far something to be found out as the commercial enterprise progresses.

Families fail to create records of the interactions they hold and the youth fails to take it seriously. Banham (2017) notes that the society and the values supported therein are the most popular reasons for cyberbullying.

In a study conducted by Ponemon, six out of every ten respondents admitted that they were not acquainted with the dangers of cyberbullying until they fall victim (Banham, 2017).

Such occurrences introduced password protection awareness and control for all users. It was also evident that even though users had a password policy, 65% of them did not have strict implementation measures.

The users are now aware that their peers and family members can use their passwords to log into their accounts and exhibit malicious activities thereof.

Cyberbullying can be executed by acquaintances or family members simply because they are close enough to master the passwords to their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts. When such instances occur, they tarnish the image of the user and they cause conflicts between friends and families.

Cyberbullies are strategic about their plans and studies reveal that such individuals are articulate about their activities.

The crime prevention units are convinced that studying the psychology of cybercriminals is a strategy that will help the agencies in charge of cybercrimes to nab offenders who hide behind the computer screens.

The implementation of cyber laws is not possible without the formulation of policies that are fully effective for fighting the war against cyberbullying.

The setbacks of the prevalent use of social media include social disconnection where social media users create room for negative energies located on social platforms.

The aspect of spending unlimited time on social sites is unhealthy and time-wasting expect when users use social media to engage in e-commerce.

Exercising respect and modesty in the online platforms ensures that all users enjoy their interaction with other participants in social media.

A literary work edited by Moore (2016) on cybersecurity and online threats, one of the troubles stated associated with the inner risks that exist in a company or commercial enterprise. Companies can face accidental or intentional types of dangers.

Within the unintentional category, a few threats are a result of ignorance. For example, these effects take place when one clicks on a link in a recognized or unknown email.

A large number of those worker challenges may be dealt with using project training that covers the business practices as endorsed through the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

FCC shows that personnel ought to be taught approximately cyber safety concepts because most of them reveal the employer to protection threats because of ignorance. It is important to note that education must not be a one-time event.

Instead, it wishes to be an ongoing occasion to maintain the employees up to date on the modern cyberbullying measures or solutions concentrated on rising problems.

Another issue pertains to the lack of knowledge of the enterprise owners and managers.

Some of the commercial enterprise owners fail to place in place cyber safety measures because they’re unaware of the sort of statistics property they possess.

In different scenarios, they suppose that they’re too small to be centered by hackers and other people/organizations involved in cybercrime.

In quoting Mark Burnette, who is a CPA holder and a pro in cybersecurity, Banham (2017) referred to that companies cannot protect what they think isn’t always in their possession.

Colleges and families need to familiarize themselves with sensitive records property for them to take the applicable steps to shield their data.

The most effective way of using social media is by limiting the time spent on social platforms. This discipline allows users to attend to other commitments.

Social media is highly addictive and also misleading and the youth have to use social platforms wisely. Addiction to social media occurs when users fail to plan for their time and they get over-engrossed in social media platforms.

The issue of time management in social media use is a valuable lesson for youth to acquire as it will enable them to be better managers and ambassadors.

The impact of effective communication has lit up the global economic situation as more people depend on social media to meet their business and social interests.

Social media has enhanced e-commerce and it has empowered entrepreneurs from around the world to realize limitless possibilities that surround them.

Bordoni (2018) suggests that setting up a burner e-mail and minimizing the records available in the public area are procedures that may be adopted to tackle the security issues. Bordoni (2018) also notes that the ransomware issues may be handled using storing data via cloud technology and using diverse backup systems.

These answers can be sponsored or incorporated with different strategies that have been advocated through other professionals.

For instance, Berger and Jones (2016) have proposed hacking as a solution in place of a hassle. They have termed it as “ethical hacking,” which involves authorizing hackers to infiltrate the systems or networks of an enterprise at the owner’s behalf to discover protection weaknesses.

In other words, these ethical hackers help in last the loopholes that the criminal hackers could have used to carry out their agenda.

Berger and Jones (2018) got here up with any such answer after reviewing the literature, which indicated that 30,000 web sites had been attacked daily.

With the modern-day presence of anti-virus software and other solutions, there could be many different problems which are making websites and different cyber assets vulnerable to attacks.

Therefore, the ethical hacking answer may be used to identify the unique weaknesses which are characterizing an enterprise in place of approaching the problem from a well-known perspective.

SMEs must function like multinational companies to stable their cyber property. The harm that large corporations incur is the identical one that may be experienced through SMEs.

They need to restrict the employees’ get admission to records, steady wifi networks, have a motion plan for a cellular device, and create firewall safety, amongst different procedures, as recommended by FCC.

Society ought to be aware that hacking can arise unexpectedly. Sometimes the prevention strategies fail, and one is left with the “cure” option.

Consequently, entities want to plot for such situations to ensure that good enough arrangements are made to promptly reply to cyber-crimes. Businesses have to now not only have prevention techniques however solutions to the issues as soon as they arise.

Some solutions are dearer than others when it comes to securing cyber information belongings.

For instance, Berger and Jones (2016) well-known that ethical hacking may be quite steeply-priced for small organizations. Moreover, because of their advanced levels, some sorts of software are extra expensive than others.

Therefore, agencies need to goal to pick out what works within the short-term as efforts are placed in a location to use the more powerful and complicated answers applicable inside the long-term (Zhou, 2013).

However, a supervisor or owner should now not leave this business issue unattended in whatever scenario or circumstance due to the fact such an act is categorized as negligence.

Cybersecurity is vital to any entity whether small, medium, or multinational. When a commercial enterprise pays interest to its cyber safety issue in its formative years, it’ll be easier to deal with such developing demands because the entity expands and becomes extra established.

Investors should now not assume that they will start investing in securing their cyber belongings once the enterprise reaches a positive level (Maxfield 2007).

Likewise, they ought to no longer assume that web sites and other cyber factors are minor as compared to others.

Cybercriminals can use any loophole to perform their attacks; hence, an enterprise ought to be interested in protecting its records from any opportunity of cyber-crime

Digital crimes involve pc networks that are utilized by perpetrators to conduct unlawful procedures. The PC gadgets are the channel via which the digital criminals get entry to the info of their victims before executing the crimes.

Some of the virtual crimes that exist in the cutting-edge society include fraud, cyberbullying, identification theft, hacking amongst others.

With the modern days’ dependency on computer gadgets for maximum operations, virtual crimes have thrived in these surroundings and that they have created new classes of crime for law enforcers.

The presence of virtual crimes today makes everyone vulnerable to the sports and the prison forces have created legal guidelines that prohibit and punish virtual crimes.

Shortly after the concept of pc generation turned into launched, the few episodes of hacking that happened have been a result of curious individuals who wanted to get acquainted with the system and prove their prowess.

These instances did no longer pose a danger to their institutions and the fore coming hazard become not perceived.

According to the Routine activities theory address the situations of crimes and how criminals create opportunities to behavior illegal activities in opposition to their sufferers.

The ordinary sports principle has been broadly used to outline criminology and the connection among criminals and the surroundings.

The ecological processes that are present inside the surroundings draw the eye of criminal investigators from the offenders. The concept directs the have a look at environments that nurture digital crimes.

The reason why digital crimes are popular nowadays is that criminals can get large sums of money thru unlawful cyber activities. Hackers frequently target huge groups that have hefty transactions to get cash from their accounts.

Another purpose of digital crimes is to extort cash or favors that lead to economic benefit. The specialists use computer networks to mislead their victims to get cash into their accounts.

The way of life for some malicious social media users has amounted to siphoning massive sums of money from unsuspecting victims. Cybercriminals of the modern age integrate their efforts to enhance their talents to penetrate the market.

The team spirit between criminals results in betrayal by way of corporation workers who’ve access to networks (Feinberg, 2008). The traditional methods of fighting crimes are outdated within the new phase of crimes and this entails advancement in criminal investigation tactics.

Routine sports theory is effective in studying criminal minds and internalizing on how the present-day society creates an appropriate surrounding for criminal activities.

Defocusing on the criminals and evaluating society as a hub for crimes is essential in controlling communication and security structures.

The presence of era-enabled communique plans is an indication that society is certain to be afflicted by even more advanced cases of digital crimes inside the future. Governments around the arena have to plot cutting-edge strategies for preventing crimes.

According to the Routine Activities Theory, the spread of crime isn’t always affected by social factors like poverty or idleness.

The motive why poverty blooms inside the modern-day society is due to the numerous possibilities for crimes to occur.

Creating environments for crime is a recipe for unlawful societies that might be insensitive to criminal, ethical and ethical troubles.

An instance of a criminal offense that is harbored by the Routine activities principle is cyberbullying.

The presence of social media and an acceptable and basic mode of communication is an indication that the surroundings have allowed cyberbullies to thrive in the countrywide and international society.

Cyberbullying is a classic instance of how the financial situation of any participant isn’t a determiner in their criminal mind. The availability of social websites nurtures vices that are transmitted through cyberbullying and the effects are an immoral community.

Additional ideologies regarding the motives behind cyber-crimes present that the human mind can generate positive or negative motives based on their environment. Another concept that explains virtual and non-virtual crimes is the Social Learning and Self Control theory.

The theory is a simple idea in addressing criminology and argues that the potential of someone to devote crimes is a reflection of a person’s self-control.

The Social Learning and Self Control concept is powerful in addressing moral values and how they deter a man or woman from undertaking crook activities.

With the Social Learning and Self Control principle being an outstanding principal of crime, researchers add that the values instilled in a person decide their chance to engage in crime.

An example of a crime supported by way of the Social Learning and Self Control concept is petty theft. When a person engages in stealing petty things, the urge to thieve is a replica in their strength of mind is wanting and they are unable to face up to the temptation of removing small items.

The Social Learning and Self Control concept can be applicable in gaining knowledge of centers where novices can undertake values of self-control to keep off from crimes.

Addressing the presence of virtual and non-virtual crimes in society is an eye-opener on the improvements that have taken region in younger minds (Stauffer et al., 2012).

With the society transforming into a hub technologically-charged operations, the values of morality and ethics must gain knowledge of broadly in social centers to prevent loss of enterprising minds to crime. Introducing lessons on crime eradication will lessen the rising instances of virtual and non-virtual crimes inside society.

Youth are suggested to keep the right enterprise and to exercise self-respect to be able to resist bad behavior that may result in criminal activities.

Studying the disadvantages and impacts of cyberbullying among the youth involves consideration of the implications of social media and the consequences of misusing it. The essentials of using social media include delivering info in a fast and reliable manner.

The platforms that provide digital communication solutions are a point of reference as information is stored for retrieval where necessary. The internet is said to never forget and this aspect makes it reliable for providing proof for data recorded therein.

This aspect makes social media reliable for business deals that require rapid responses. The setbacks of social media have increased rapidly with some people abusing the freedom of expression by engaging in cybercrimes (Maxfield 2007).

The emergence of cybercrimes has instilled fear in the hearts of many social media users around the world as cyberbullies are advancing in their traits. This upcoming culture has prompted political leaders to create new policies that will curb cyberbullying and punish offenders.

This culture will elevate the lifestyles of many social media users and enhance their safety. The decision to use social media wisely is an indication of ethical values that are practiced in society.

There is a need to preserve the value of respect for other users as this reduces the chances of cyber-bullying among the youth. The study intends to create positive and highly motivational practices that ensure that the youth use social media safely and effectively.

The aspect of cyberbullying is an upcoming crime that requires abject response measures that will control the situation and ensure lawfulness among the youth.

Securing the youth from practices that enhance cyber-bullying is a social and legal mandate that will ensure that the future generation is safe from toxic social media use.

Accessing and sharing information on social media with minimal struggle is a product of self-respect and restraint.

Sharing too much information makes users vulnerable to cyberbullies and it makes them easy targets for cyberbullies and criminals. Responding positively and arguing constructively ensures that users exercise modesty when they communicate.

There are cases of conflicts that arise from the use of social media. Conflicts that are based on ideological differences may escalate to emotional bullying and this leads to withdrawal and self-denial.

The setbacks of sharing information freely include intrusion by cyberbullies and fraudsters. This limitation requires all users to evaluate their presence on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Ensuring that data shared on social media is analyzed thoroughly reduces the conflicts that arise on social media.

Sharing data in a formal and friendly way can scare away malicious users that can distort the messages contained in the messages held on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Methods of Studying Social Media and Cyberbullying Facts

The study intended to focus and analyze the setbacks of social media among the youth. With the study focusing on cyberbullying as the major setback, the investigation used the most effective tools to investigate the impact of the phenomenon on the young people.

The study chose a reliable sample that provided resourceful data on the research questions.

Conducting a study on social media was an interesting activity as it involved the identification of the communication needs of the youth to devise the most appropriate tools to analyze the study. Coming up with the best outcomes was a necessity that required the researchers to prepare adequately for the study.

The fact that more people were determined to participate encouraged the researchers to prepare widely for the study. The team availed all the material in time to ensure that the study was successful and fully resourceful to answer the research questions.

Analyzing the disadvantages of social media use among the youth in regards to cyberbullying was a demanding task. This study required the researchers to avoid any questions that introduced or suggested bias against some social media platforms.

Framing the questions for the study in a neutral manner was essential as it allowed the sample to give genuine answers about their experiences with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The reason why many youths opt to use social media varies and the study was determined to unearth the motivation behind using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as a source of communication (Halder & Jaishankar, 2011).

This objective was important to achieve as it laid a foundation for a resourceful data collection process. The team of researchers ensured that all the questions were drafted and revised before the actual study.

This preparation ensured that all the issues about social media and cyberbullying were included in the questionnaires. The strategies used to adopt the research have been articulate and able to yield big outcomes.

The information series approach was uniquely dedicated to the collection of ample statistics at different junctures.

Interviews are reliable assets for research as they collect facts that are both difficult and clear. This fact makes interviews imaginative for different topics that require a personal approach. Interviews are the best choice for the study as they are easy to analyze.

The interviews were achieved in the form of questionnaires that were filled by the respondents in a personal manner. The questions were prepared for adequately before the research period.

These questions were revised for issuance on a specific day. The leaflets supplied multiple-answer questions even as a few questions required the interviewees to explain their answers in their own words (Halder & Jaishankar 2011).

The study chose a qualitative approach that required some questions to be framed in an open-ended format. This method allowed the researchers to gather maximum information from the respondents.

The respondents showed maximum cooperative and they attended the interview without failure. This encouraged the interviewers and motivated them to work harder in the rest of the research process.

The respondents covered the administrative section and students from three colleges in the city. The selected population for the study focused on 50 respondents from distinct colleges.

These respondents hailed from different localities to ensure that the data was spontaneous and random. The reputation of these colleges was a point to consider as different institutions have varying social and cultural values.

The exposure to the issues that arise from using social media made them the most suitable target for the studies. This part of the interview was extraordinarily imaginative as the sample supplied a new approach to social media and its disadvantages.

The spontaneity of statistics was effective because it enabled the researchers to come up with accurate results. The substances that were necessary for data collection were bought and stored before the actual study.

These materials include flash disks for storage of information, marker pens, foolscaps, manila papers, erasers, banners, returned packs, and cello tapes among others.

These substances were availed to ensure that the primary and secondary data collection was effective and relevant for the study. Availing all the substances before the real look at also ensured that the researchers have been well-facilitated to permit effectiveness.

The data analysis tools used by the team of researchers were vital strategies that allowed researchers to analyze records received with ease. The tools were selected skillfully to ensure that they were suited for their purposes. The researchers employed study techniques that allowed them to collect data without any interruptions.

The study intended to collect data from an expansive sample to ensure that the data was resourceful and rich. The population was gathered from different learning institutions in the locality.

The schools were the most suitable poaching point for the study as 95% of its population consists of the youth. This population was determined to participate in the study as they are enthusiastic about Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

This sample provided factual and selfless details on the setbacks of social media and this indicated their sobriety towards communication.

The researchers resolved using the interview approach for collecting information. This method was designed to ensure that all the objectives of the study were addressed fully based on the character of the study.

The interview method was effective as it ensured that the statistics provided were in line with the objectives of the study (Zhou 2013).

The interviews also ensured that all people were dynamically charged to play their part to make the study relevant and highly productive.

The researchers were determined to impact the readers with a successful study and this was achieved through the creation of unique ideas that were fully effective for data collection and analysis.

The sampling method turned into easy and liberal because the officials have been determined to arrive at conclusive consequences without coercion.

It is crucial to note that over 85% of the pattern grew to become up for the interview. This percentage indicates that the look at changed into successful and that the respondents had been willing to provide correct solutions for the questions requested.

The pattern turned into a request to take part on a voluntary foundation because the interview changed into basically voluntary.

The contributors who chose to hide their identification were requested to omit their names from the questionnaires.

This becomes in a bid to shield their profession and additionally to allow them to share statistics without fear of publicity.

This turned into vital for the fulfillment of the objectives of the study without violating the rights of the participants.

The interviews were conducted in a questionnaire layout in which questions had been written-down for the respondents to address.

The questions were problematic and that they were framed to permit all interviewees to understand the questions as soon as they read them.

Before the real study, the halls had been prepared properly by arranging the fixtures and placing charts and informative banners across the interview rooms.

The secondary data collection was equally satisfying because the researcher prepared adequately for the secondary data collection procedures.

The team looked at the previous records from libraries to analyze the exclusive topics associated with the topic. The information was collected from credible works that were written by reputable authors (Walther, 2012).

Using an informed technique ensured that the study was thorough and purposeful. The resources that facilitated the secondary facts entailed magazines, journal articles, blogs and other literary works with secondary statistics (Moore, 2017).

These sources were virtually placed and the researchers accessed the online libraries through the internet. Online libraries came in handy due to the fact the researchers did not need to travel long distances or to make predominant arrangements conduct their research.

The physical libraries visited made an important contribution to the data collection process as they were stocked with resourceful materials on social media use among the youth.

Results and Facts of Social Media and Cyberbullying

Following a successful data collection and analysis, the study came up with outcomes that were relevant and effective for behavior change among the youth. The communication patterns of the youth are tuned to rapid information systems that are fruitful and highly interactive. The setbacks of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are numerous based on their usage and the level of exposure. The creativity behind Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are exuberant and dynamic for creating social, cultural and economic outcomes. These outcomes are inevitable to achieve as the world is adapting to the aspects of digital communication (Deniz 2015). Being that Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are very popular among the youth; the websites have the mandate of securing the well-being of their users through all means possible. The study discovers that dozens of youth are wary of cyberbullies while some fall into their trap without their knowledge. The sample feels that they have a duty to safeguard themselves from cyberbullies by creating walls of resistance that are made from social and moral values. Once the youth encounter cyberbullies for the first time, they are required to report this incidence to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This depends on the specific platform that they are using (Maxfield 2007). Reporting the cases of cyberbullying instantly allows the platform to follow the case from its origin. The website further contacts the complainant and asks any questions necessary to consider the incidence as a case of cyberbullying.

These measures are legal requirements that are meant to protect the users from the psychological damage that emanates from cyberbullying. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are sensitive about the psychological welfare of their consumers and netting out cyberbullies give the website the power to promote social order in all destinations. The results further indicate that since the launch of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram at different times, the youth have developed a dependence on these sites as their primary forms of interaction. This dependency has incubated more cases of cyberbullies whose intentions are causing emotional and psychological torture to other users.  It is observed that cyberbullies have hidden agendas that are manifested through negative words and responses. The study gathers that these bullies are either idlers who are determined to cause trouble or society miscreants who purpose to cause pain through nasty words. The poor moral values exhibited by cyberbullies should be shunned from society harshly as they can create a culture of bullying among the upcoming generation (Moore 2017). With Twitter, Facebook and Instagram registering new users every day, the sites must create a policy of zero-tolerance against cyberbullying to guarantee their users’ emotional and psychological safety (Deniz, 2015). The national governments perceive the likes of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as aides for social growth as they can transmit ideologies and moral values through their policies. The fact that Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram can transmit information to a wide audience makes it fully functional for communicating morality and respect for each other.

The sample was determined to air their grievances concerning the negative effects of social media and have faced tribulations directly or indirectly. Some respondents point out that some of their acquaintances have resulted in suicide following cyberbullying from Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. This consequence is very costly as human life is valuable and cannot be compared to negatives passed through digital communication. The rates of deaths resulting from cyberbullying in social media indicate that the youth requires regular counseling sessions both at school or at home to enable them to handle any forms of bullying from Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. The concepts presented by social media require guidance from professional experts as social media life is often deceptive and overrated. Counseling the youth on how to deal with cyberbullying makes it effective for them to communicate through social media. This campaign will increase the chances of developing new values that are positive and highly influential. The setbacks of social media are fully functional as they elevate the society from primitive behavior that hinders the people from communicating on a global platform. The study unearths that social media has made major contributions towards creating a cohesive global village (Walther 2012). Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram additionally promotes international understanding and eliminates the doubts that may exist across cultural variations. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have eliminated antisocial habits by becoming a meeting point for all people around the world.

Effective social media use is a combination of words, tone, emojis, and other components. The article gives that effective communication results in healthful relationships at home. By raising the factors of social media to facilitate wholesome relationships, people can co-exist. Communication makes it less difficult to acquire objectives at family and other social settings (Moore 2017). Contributors are capable of coping with problems without limiting themselves from holding meaningful conversations. Most issues that correct the place of business are solved via effective verbal exchange (Cohen, Lawrence, & Marcus, 2009). Youth that is decided to reap their goals faster and more efficiently undertake guidelines that enable effective communication with notable persons (Moore 2017). This culture helps readability and saves time spent solving conflicts. Effective communication through social media entails social improvement and cohesiveness among all users. Using the aides of communication creates excellent inter-personal behavior and promotes peaceful interactions among users.

Effective conversation promotes confidence ensures that individuals experience career improvement. Poor social media use takes region regularly in our daily operations and it leaves the individuals with frustrations or dissatisfaction. The unpleasant occurrences might also lead to conflicts that can hinder humans from achieving vast goals. The article reminds the readers that they have got a risk of enhancing their communication styles to experience higher relationships (Barnlund 2008). Human members of the family and communication are associated as man is defined as a social animal. The social factors of lifestyles require conversation to best and this is why mankind has to cultivate effective communication in all avenues (Barnlund 2008). One manner of improving conversation patterns is by comparing ourselves with others. This comparison helps us to reflect on our shortcomings and to make changes in which necessary. Verbal and non-verbal communication is important in raising our communication styles (Richet, 2013). The two aspects display attitudes and values and that they contribute to the improvement or otherwise.

Tone, as revealed through words, contributes to effective communication in social media. The study is categorical about the contributions of tone towards effective social media interactions (Ybarra, 2004). Emotional intelligence contributes to personal boom as individuals derive motivation from their desires. Emotionally intelligent humans recognize that humans have emotional instabilities that make them poor communicators (Tettegah et al., 2006). Emotionally intelligent human beings do no longer permit issues to wreck their determination to achieve their objectives. Communication is vital in organizations as it fosters boom and it establishes dynamic employer-worker relations. Failure to establish strong conversation channels spells a threat to the employer because it will enjoy stagnation. Organizations can maximize effective communication using scheduling regular schooling classes for all personnel. The trainers need to capitalize on effective conversations as the main concern of discussion (Moore 2017). Institutions can also energize effective conversation by organizing regular team empowering activities for its workers. These sessions remove anxiety between employees and that they open up new channels of interaction. These practices are aimed at safeguarding the organizational goals and that they make certain that the teams will reap them quicker and greater efficiently (Barnlund 2008). The occurrence of formal techniques of verbal exchange like blogs enables organizations to sensitize the group gamers on the new developments. Enhancing effective conversation among the personnel will increase their satisfaction and makes the organization greater reputable.

Social media is a modern-day issue that revolves around conversation. The current social and economic environment relies on social media to connect and to grow. Technology has empowered people to converse rapidly and this has translated the global community into a village. Digital conversation networks have enabled businesses to reach a full-size community of audiences. To gain achievement while the use of social media, an enterprise has to package deal itself ideally to make sure that its messages are received without misinterpretation (Shannon & Weaver 2009). By the usage of the right aspects of passing information, social media platforms foster brand loyalty amongst a vast target market. The value of social media is immeasurable to people and groups as it promotes social increase and cohesion (Ybarra & Mitchell, 2004). The youth maximizes the effective skills that elevate their reasons for using digital communication. Families equally rely on the verbal exchange to regulate to its outside environment (Walther, 2012). When people adopt the right communication styles, they empower themselves to thrive in different environments. Effective communication introduces limitless opportunities that ignite the relationships with their colleagues, pals and family members. Maintaining healthy conversation patterns promotes personal growth in the present and future conversations

According to the outcomes of the study, it is evident that social media is a reliable source of modern-day communication. The aspect of digital communication accompanies technological growth among the youth and ensures that industries move together. The power of communication is immeasurable as there is minimal confusion where there are open networks of communication. Eliminating confusion among the youth involves the provision of quality counseling sessions that will enhance their perception of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The realities of digital communication include emotional bullying by cybercriminals and the development of sustainable goals. The societies have to develop a new approach towards cyberbullying and extract the criminals through reporting them to the authorities (Moore 2017). This initiative will prevent further damage to innocent users who are determined to develop their communication skills through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The power of communication is unlimited and when the social websites raise awareness on avoidance of cyberbullying, the uses will equally take up the role and ensure that they look out for each other’s interests. These interests are defined by their approach to security and social development.

The initiative to enhance the security among the youth is a reflection of national unity as different nations have different regulations that pertain to communication. Social media’s disadvantages and impacts of cyberbullying among the youth reflect the desires that most youths have versus the outcomes that they experience. Following the deaths recorded from suicide cases, there is hope that the youth can learn from the instances and refrain from sessions that will result in cyberbullying. The power of an informed population lies in what they know and this is practiced through observation of ethical and moral values (Banham 2017). Communicating with respect ensures that the youth will create room for others and empower the upcoming generation to enjoy maximum outcomes that result in physical and mental development. Effective communication habits are the basis of a society and it symbolizes a culture of respect and social cohesion. The community has an active role to play as it should consider the legal frameworks that address communication-related crimes and adhere to them effectively. Collaborating with the police is another function of the family. Family members should present the suspects of cybercrimes to the police as the criminals are based on a specific family unit. By having the boldness to condemn cyberbullying from the family level, the youth will develop new mindsets towards each other. These mindsets will pass information physically or through social platforms and ensure that all social media users are aware of their rights and their privileges. Having a society that is free from cyberbullying is a relief as parents will confide in the fact that their children are safe.

Establishing helplines is another program that can help in limiting the cases of cybercrimes in the country. These lines should be open twenty-four hours a day to ensure that the youth haven for safety (Zhou 2013). This reassurance will empower the youth to use social sites responsibly. Communicating from a point of enlightenment will inspire the younger generation to embrace the positive aspects of social media and work towards resolving the setbacks to enhance their experience (Banham 2017). It is important to note that the presence of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram has ensured that Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram provide users with a whole world of delightful ideas and possibilities. The issue of mental satisfaction begins with the freedom to interact without fear of negative attacks from malicious users. Bullying should be condemned with the deepest contempt as it results in adverse psychological trauma and hinders the users from making decisions without fear of opposition. 

Conclusion of the Relationship between Social Media and Cyberbullying

Elevating social order through social media will set the pace for future conversations that will be decent and effective for the present and future generations. There has been a generation of malicious users who take advantage of the information shared by other users to mastermind fraudulent activities. Controlling these habits entails a keen evaluation of the values that the users embrace (Zhou 2013). Antisocial behavior in social media is a reflection of negative exposure and poor social values. The antisocial behavior is rectified through strategic creation and implementation of moral values. Social media platforms must advocate for communication patterns that elevate moral values among users as this will promote lawfulness and social order.

The need for a streamlined communication system was quenched by the invention of digital modes of communication. These mechanisms have gained popularity among the youth and they have bridged the gap between geographical locations for most users. The fact that social media is rapid makes it more effective for modern conversations. The youth is aware of its communication needs and the members are determined to make their conversations as trendy as they can be. Adopting social sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is inevitable for young people who are devoted to redeeming their presence on social sites. It is a fact that some youth sign up at the social platforms to attract attention and to fulfill their fantasy (Maxfield 2007). These types of users are concerned about the image they portray even if it is not practical. Redeeming the time spent on social media is enables the users to get familiar with the sites and they sharpen their skills in digital communication (Bergeret al. 2016).  One setback of social media is that it puts users at risk from cyberbullies. Cybercrimes indicate the advancement of criminal activities that revolve around the digital environment. Criminals have polished their skills to include more advanced skills and technologies that enable them to achieve their objectives. This occurrence prompts social media users to be more alert when using Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as they are prone to cybercrimes. The websites encourage the users to cultivate a positive approach towards social media as their ignorance will make them more vulnerable to different types of cybercrimes.

The youth are highly exposed to cyberbullying as they are always on social media interacting with other users. The exposure to social media is a positive aspect as it comes with a series of benefits to the users.

The exposure also becomes a threat to their psychological and physical wellness when cyberbullies strike. The effects of cyberbullying run deep as bullies seek to demotivate their victims by attacking their weak areas.

When a youth faces attacks from social media, they may be unable to relate with their surroundings as they ought to as their entire system suffers from the mental breakdown that ensues when cyberbullies attack.

Youth should refrain and exercise self-control when they encounter conversations that provoke them negatively (Bergeret al. 2016).

There is power in wisdom as the same wisdom enables users to evaluate situations that may end up in cyberbullying and turn away from them. It is observable that social media is a collection of many people with different social and ethnic backgrounds and this makes users vulnerable to bullying and other anti-social responses from other users.

Interacting on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with minimum struggle is the major objective that the sites pursue. This trend encourages the youth to exercise their freedom of expression without fear of bullying and harassment. ne of the major highlights of cyberbullying is that perpetrators are triggered by evil intentions and they display negative values that are nurtured by upbringing.

The study reckons that policymaking is an ambassador that aids in fighting harassment on social media.

The mechanisms of implementing positive social values of social media vary from one society to the other and the social media platforms work towards enhancing brand loyalty through the implementation of policies with the seriousness it deserves.

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are widely recognized for their dedication to enhancing security for all its users. This culture will grow better with the adoption of new values that will detect harassment and terminate the criminals from the website permanently.

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