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Cost & Prices

Below are the cost and prices of some of our services on a per-unit basis.


Service TypeLevelUnit6 to 24 hrs2 to 3 Days4+ Days
Essay & PaperH. School250 words$15$10$10
Undergraduate250 words$20$15$10
Masters & PhD250 words$25$20$15
Admission1 copy$30$20$20
Thesis & DissertationMasters250 words$25$20$15
PhD250 words$30$25$20
Resume, CV & Cover LetterBasic1 copy$40$30$30
Entry Level1 copy$55$40$40
Professional1 copy$65$50$50
Executive1 copy$90$70$70
Cover Letter1 copy$30$20$20
LinkedIn100 words$10$5$5
Other Academic WorkAnnotated Bib.1 source$10$5$5
MCQs1 question$1$1$1
Timed Projects1 hour$25$20$20
Technical1 hour$50$40$40
Articles, SEO & SEMBlog Posts1000 words$30$25$20
Sales CopyStandard$25$20$15
Prod. Desc.100 words$3$2$2
Prod. Review100 words$3$2$2
Other ServicesLetter1 Copy$30$20$20
Speech1 minute$5$4$3
Editing & ProofreadingEssay & Paper250 words$5$5$5
Dissertations250 words$10$9$8
Resumes1 copy$25$20$20
Articles100 words$1$1$1
Technical1 hour$25$20$20

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