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AAA Background Checks: AAA Drug Test & Felons Hire

AAA background checks

The AAA background check is a process of reviewing an individual’s criminal and civil records to determine if the person is qualified to work in a specific position.

AAA conducts background checks on employees to protect their business, customers, and other employees.

Some common reasons for AAA may run background checks include:

  • To see if the employee has a history of violence,
  • To see if the employee has been convicted of a crime,
  • To see if the employee has financial problems that could lead to theft, and
  • To see if the employee has lied on their resume or job application.AAA background checks

Does AAA Drug Test?

Yes, AAA does drug tests. You can find their policy on drug testing on their website.

The general consensus is that they test for marijuana and cocaine, but it’s possible they could test for other drugs as well.

If you’re concerned about whether or not you will pass the drug test, it’s best to contact AAA directly and ask them what substances they are testing for.

Does AAA Hire Felons?

No, AAA does not hire felons. Their website states that they perform criminal background checks on all employees if they find out that one is a felon they drop them during the hiring process [1].

A felony conviction can make it difficult to find employment, but there are companies that do hire felons. Some good places to start looking for jobs are and Craigslist.

There are also organizations like Second Chance Employment Services that can help connect people with felon-friendly employers.


AAA does perform background checks on its employees. They take their responsibility to provide safe services very seriously and want to ensure that their employees are good candidates for working with the public background check.

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