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How to Become a Correctional Officer in New York State

Do you think about becoming a correctional officer in New York? Well, this article presents all you need to know about correctional officers in the New York, including their training, duties, minimum requirements and salary scale.

Minimum Requirements for Correctional Officer in New York

Before you think about becoming a correctional officer in New York you should meet the following minimum requirements.

  1. You must have a minimum of high school education qualification or its equivalent
  2. You must be a US citizen
  3. Your age should be at a minimum 21 years by the time you get an opportunity to start worrying.
  4. You must pass the written Civil Service Exam. In this case the allowable minimum score is 70%.
  5. You must be a resident of New York. This is to ensure that such positions are occupied by the residents of the same.

How to Become a Correctional Officer

Now that we have handled the minimum requirements in the above section, it is time we revisit the specific steps to follow before one becomes a qualified candidate for the job

#1 Sit & Pass the Written Exam

You will need to sit and pass a written exam that is aimed and assessing your abilities, knowledge and competence.

#2 Pass Drug Test

All potential candidates must have cleared their drug tests to minimize instances where people addicted to drugs end up working in the correctional facilities.

#3 Pass psychological evaluations and tests

Candidates undergo through this step to ascertain the mental health, especially concerning their ability to cope with stressors such as the one they would face in this job.

#4 Pass background checks

This step focuses on the candidate’s criminal history. Conviction of misdemeanors and felonies would disqualify you from the position of a correctional facility in New York.

#5 Pass Fitness and Character evaluation

This is used to determine the candidate’s moral and ethical standing. No one wants a corrupt correctional officer near the correctional facilities because they may actually hamper the forts made to transform the inmates.

#6 Pass Medical and Physical tests

It is important that people aspiring to be hired as correctional officers in New York are physically and medically fit for the job.

Correctional Officer in New York Salary

New York is one of the best paying states if the average salary for a correctional officer in anything to go by. In fact, it stands at position 3 with the average value being above the national average salary for this position.

Currently, the average salary is $64,000 per year compared to the national average of $48,000

Correctional Officer Jobs in New York

Below are some of the available correctional jobs in New York. For a detailed and constantly updated list of correctional officer jobs in the NYS, please visit the this LINK.

FAQs on becoming a correctional officer in NY

Below you will some of the frequently asked questions on the process of becoming a correctional officer in New York

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